Nautilus Acoustic Screens - iQ Workspace
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17 November 2020

Nautilus Acoustic Screens

Nautilus is an acoustic furniture system providing space for solo or collaborative work or for simply delineation.

The hand crafted nature of this product allows complete flexibility on the shape, size, tier options and fabrics to enable Nautilus to be tailored to your exact requirements. Also with the ability to integrate media and power facilities within the panels, Nautilus is the perfect agile working solution for your evolving office environment.


  • Free standing, acoustic, fabric covered furniture system
  • Acoustically tested to BSEN ISO 717 with a 30dB noise reduction rating (Technical report ref no: C/22913 T01)
  • 55mm thick panels
  • Over 90 standard options
  • Can be manufactured to any shape or size allowing you full adaptability
  • Power and lighting available
  • Virtually tool-free with most models being suitable for a one person build in less than 1 hour
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