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1 December 2020
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1 December 2020

Tango conference / meeting / lounge chairs

Distinctive character and freedom of expression for your individual style.

With its visually striking Scandinavian design, Tango soft
seating family is perfect for modern offices that exude a
chic vibe and looks just as great in traditional workspaces.

Like the Tango dance itself, it has expressive character,
provides improvisational freedom and comes in different style variations. You can select almost 80 different colour combinations for the upholstered part of the chair, contrasting colours will bring a sense of exclusivity to your Tango furniture.

Tango also comes in a variety of base options so there is no need to compromise on style. Consider your functional needs as well as the fabric or design to accommodate your

Metal bases have a modern look and are practical, whereas wooden bases give the space a homely feel and add a touch of elegance to the room. Both base options are available in dark and light colours to further add to the beauty of contrast.

The high wraparound backrest diminishes surrounding noise and offers a pleasant sense of comfort and protection.

Our wide choice of Tango Lounge chairs will accommodate
the needs of a broad array of office settings. The soft
seating family includes meeting and conference chairs,
lounge seating with high or low backrests as well as high

Tango lounge furniture is very versatile and suits not only
usual office spaces but also special executive spaces. It will
add a special touch to both formal and informal meeting
spaces, relaxation spots or creative areas. Mix and match
different Tango models to create a desirable visual impact
whether you want to convey a vibrant, edgy or playful feel
or a subtle and calm one.

From airport lounges to office break rooms, from meeting
rooms to co-working spaces, from bar counters to
restaurant tables to living rooms, Tango is ideal for making
any environment stand out.

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