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Talent height adjustable desks/tables
19 October 2020

Twist contemporary office desks

Twist’s light appearance does not affect its surprisingly robust structure. Twist has been designed with a unique connecting system which means efficient installation – something which is always required in large projects.

Twist Operative

Three key qualities for a workstation: functional, flexible and recyclable. A modular furnishing system which responds to the requirements of contemporary work. Quality spaces designed from a perspective of intelligent work.

Twist Spine

Twist Spine has evolved from the traditional office with its organic structure and unique aesthetic. You can reach a file next to you, it includes a cable organiser, as well as allowing you to rotate your individual desk.

Twist Gen

Gen is the new concept for offices looking towards the future. Space optimisation, collaboration and the closeness of the user are the purposes of this product. Desks can also be connected, meaning offices flow more smoothly visually speaking.

Twist Video Conference

Due to the impact of technology on the new ways of working nowadays, Twist video conference offers a digital meeting point where meetings or training sessions can take place.

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